The Token


There has been a war…

…and a wounded soldier comes home, and he goes to the home of a very wealthy family who have a son out in the army, and he inquires, “Is this the home of George, whom I left in the army?  He was my dear comrade. I have a letter.”

“Are you sure you have such a letter?” The man looks disreputable, and his garments are torn, and he is evidently very poor, but he replies,” Yes, I have the letter from your son.” He puts his hands into his pockets, and he cannot find it. The master of the house becomes very angry, and says, “It is of no use your coming here with this tale, you are deceiving me.” But the poor young man fumbles still in his pockets, until at last he brings it out.

…Yes, there is the token, the father knows the handwriting of his dear boy. The letter says, “Father, this is a choice companion of mine, and I want you, when he reaches home, to treat him kindly for my sake. Tell mother that anything she does for him shall be the same as if she had done it to her own boy.”

See how well he is now received at sight of that token?  It is even so when we present the blood-mark of Christ, we say to the Lord, “There is the token that we are Jesus’ friends,” –and the Lord does not then look at the rags in which our poor nature is arrayed, but he looks at the token of his own Son’s blood and accepts us for his sake. What surer and more suggestive token could we desire? For when we are cleansed in the blood of Jesus we are comely with his comeliness, and dear to the heart of God for his Son’s sake.

–Adapted from, C.H. Spurgeon