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I am reminded that it was on the glorious resurrection morning that Mary went to seek for Jesus.

She was not yet aware of the resurrection, for she sought Him in the tomb. She was not looking for the Risen Lord, and yet, He stood beside her. And yes, she thought He was the gardener, but with one word, “Mary,” Jesus then revealed himself to her, as her Savior.

As we read some passage in the Old Testament, how often is our eyesight held back, and we see only the earthly form: we see Aaron the priest, or David the shepherd, or Solomon the king; but if, like Mary, we are really seeking the Lord Jesus, He manifests Himself to us through the outward type, and we turn in glad surprise, and, looking up, say, “Rabboni” (literally, “my great One”).

As we continue to seek Christ, we will find Him in some of the least expected places of the Old Testament. And as we read, with our eyes enlightened by the Holy Spirit, a pattern will present itself. Perhaps mysterious at first, a bright place revealed in an unexpected spot, and over there, we will see something shining brightly in that passage. But what is it? Why, it is a glimpse of our Lord! And as we continue to read and study, we will begin to see Jesus all through the Old Testament.  Here he is, and, over there!  –Until the whole Old Testament grows as luminous as the sun with the holy grace of the glory of God, and we behold the face of Jesus.

It was Jesus who prophetically states through David, “In the scroll of the book it is written of me” –Psalm 40:7.  

All the lines of history, and all the types of the sacrificial system, all of the wisdom of the Psalms, and all the far-reaching views of prophetic utterance, — all converge towards one center, and that center is –Jesus the Christ. 

Further, these scriptures narrow in on the work and mission of this Jesus, and to that one supreme event… which was His death on the Cross for our salvation. 

Is it any wonder that it is from this central focal point, that again all the lines of history in the book of Acts, of experience in the Epistles, and of prophecy in Revelation radiate out once more to testify to that one all-encompassing fact, that the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world? For we find that it was after His resurrection of our Lord, that not only did he open the Scriptures to His disciples, but also “opened their understanding that they might understand the Scriptures.” It is the imperative of Christianity, and the basis of New Testament evangelism, that this Jesus, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, is ready to do the same for us. For the same Holy Spirit who moved holy men of old to write the divinely inspired, and all-sufficient Scriptures, is close at hand to make those words, those very same translated words, into life for our souls. How does he do this?  The Holy Spirit does this by taking of the things of Christ and not only empirically revealing them unto us, but goes much further, and impresses those important truths, savingly and regeneratingly, upon the hearts of his children.

As we study the Bible to see its center, that is, to see Christ, we see how that each of the books of the New Testament do in essence show that Christ is the Key to the Old Testament Scriptures. For it holds the same truths of the Old Testament in sublime unity. And in those places where the Old Testament falls short in its presentation of the suffering Messiah, for the Gospel is but dimly seen by the patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament, the New Testament picks it up with great power, showing signs, wonders, miracles, prophecies fulfilled, God’s character freshly revealed, and reinterpretations and fulfillments “that even the angels desire to look into.” –1 Peter 1:12 ISV.

In short, the Bible as a whole is Christ centered from first to last. He is the essence of it. He is the author of it, and “it is written of me.”

Where are you? As his child, is Christ the center of scripture? Or, do you read it to see yourself, or perhaps, your organization? For you what is central in your mind? Do you read it to find that Christ who is the center of life? And is he the center of your life, just like he is the center of all scripture?  I ask this because today, as never before, people are reading the scripture to find themselves, the lifestyle they want; whether it be a lifestyle of prosperity, or in sensuality. Or, do you find your center of scriptures in the law, that thing which was created by a loving heavenly father to be a schoolmaster leading us unto Christ?  

May we each come to find the Jesus who is the center of all life.  May we make him the center of our hearts, for if we do, we will see that he is truly the center of all scripture and all knowledge, and then we will come to realize that “God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all-sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.” –2 Corinthians 9:8

With some thoughts borrowed from A.M. Hodge

One thought on “Christ the Center

  1. Secular social science has taught me relativity, cultural sensitivity, organizational and group behaviors. The ‘science’ part is weird, because measurements here often mean, “it all depends …” on the culture. In other words, the outcome is relative.

    Could that be so, because something interferes with the science halting its measurements terminally, in death, and in the absolute that is not so relative?

    Astrophysics, a ‘hard’, different kind of science attempts to measure for us a cosmic cataclysm unmatched in all of history as a result of a “Big Bang.” Yet hey also appear to have an embarrassing measurement problem with explaining what keeps the universe from spinning out of control.

    The Bible, on the other hand, simply explains how God created all of it. He spoke, and it was so: done!
    What’s more, it explains precisely how we arrived on the scene, how we joined a rebellion and why we all ended-up headed for a death row sentence, absolutely—all of us, nothing vague or disputable about that, no matter what science or culture.

    Yet, God Himself gave us one supreme way out. It’s the only one: where He became human in Jesus Christ, paid our death penalty on the cross and asked that we believe in Him alone. Yes: The only thing ‘relative’ about that is, that it’s a “yes” or “no” choice, a one or a zero, a mathematical absolute.

    Yes, He is at the center of everything. Praise be!

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