Your Father’s Love

child_holding_handPlease take my hand, daddy!

I remember when my oldest son was quite young.  He did not like to sleep in his bed, but would nightly cry and come into our room looking for comfort.  And so, sometimes I would stay with him there in his room, sleeping in the chair beside his bed.  And often, in the dead of night, I would be frequently wakened by a little hand stealing out from the bed by my side, and with pleading cry, I would hear the words, “Please take my hand, daddy!”

Instantly, I would grasp my little son’s hand. Usually, I did much more than that, I would pick him up and hold him, his fears would subside, as well as his crying. Soothed by the consciousness of his father’s presence, he would eventually fall into sweet sleep again.

I would commend to you this lesson of simple, loving faith.  I would tell you to trust.  To you who are anxious, to you who are sorrowing, to each of you I would pleadingly tell you… stretch out your hand; you, who are stricken and sore of heart, stretch out your hand!  You, who are in the deepest gloom, the deepest darkness, stretch out your hand!

And when fear and anxious suspense clouds your weary pathway, your very act of stretching out your hand, and asking your heavenly father to come to you, will reveal to you the presence of a loving, compassionate Father, and He will stretch out his hand. He will pick you up. He will give you his peace; a peace that passes all understanding.

The darkness may not pass away at once, the night may still enfold you in its embrace, but the terrors of the night will subside, gloom and sadness ebb away, and in the simple grasp of your Father’s hand, sweet peace will be given, and you will rest, securely knowing that, “morning comes.”