will you come home?


“God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself.”
–2 Cor. 5:19

“A certain stubborn, reckless youth had a violent quarrel with his kind father…

…and after stealing money from his drawer, ran away. A year or two afterward the father learned that the scapegrace was in London, living fast, and drinking hard.

The father employed a detective to ascertain his son’s whereabouts; and at length the officer found him, shattered in spirit and sick of body, living near a house of infamy by the wharf. The father hastened to this place, and the words, ‘That youth is my son,’ were all the words he needed for a passport.

The father aroused this wretched young man. His first words were, ‘My poor boy, I have come for you; will you come home?

‘In a flood of tears the subdued rebel sobbed out, ‘Father, can you forgive me?

After his father happily assured him of his continued love, the son replied, ‘Father, I will go home with you.’

My dear friend, Your father calls you. Have you heard about Christ and know that you need to make that decision to come to him to ask him to come into your life? Is this decision for Christ, one that you have been putting off for no good reason?

Were you at one time you were a Christian and somehow things got in the way, and you would like to come back? –Yes, you Can come back!

You may even be one of those who believe that there is no hope for you; that you have done too much, or gone too far…You still can come home. For I hear your father calling you! Come home, my friend, your father is calling you.