The Sweet Watch and Labor of Sanctification

Taken and adapted from, “General Directions for a Comfortable Walking with God”
Written by, Robert Bolton, pp. 27-28: London, 1625,
Sourced from the Dead Puritan Society.


“Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  
–1 Thessalonians 5:23 (ESV)

Labor by a constant watch to keep your heart in a spiritual temper…

…still sweetly content, and fruitfully conversant in the mystery of Christ, and secrets of his kingdom; which you shall more easily do, if you rejoice in God, his Word, and graces, as your chief joy.  By all earthly things be drawn to the love of the heavenly.  For though God has appointed but one sabbath in seven days, yet to a Christian every day is sanctified to be a rest from all the deeds of the flesh, wherein he is to walk with his God, and show forth the religious keeping of his heart, in every action of his life; so making every passage of his particular calling, a part of Christian obedience.

As soon as you discover any spiritual weakness or decay, any extraordinary assault, temptation, deadness, complain betimes; cry mightily to God, give him no rest, neither give over seeking, until he return unto your soul, if ordinary means will not prevail, press upon him with extraordinary.  If then he do not revive you, wait with a patient, wakeful longing of all the powers of your soul; and then all this while your soul will be still in its true spiritual temper, decline watchfully all occasions of falling from your first love, fervency, and heavenly-mindedness; as spiritual pride, desire to be rich, discontinuance of your intimateness with the godly, neglect of your particular calling, or daily watch over your heart; ungodly company, formality in religious duties, coldness and customariness in the use of the means.

Suffer not your affections to be set upon praise, profit, the favor of great ones, mirth, pleasure, ease, earthly contentment, and comforts, preferment, wealth, long life, or any worldly thing; but disesteem all other delights in respect of doing God’s will; which should ever be unto you meat and drink, your only paradise upon earth.

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