More than Conquerors –In Temptation!

Written by, H. C. G. Moule
Taken and adapted from the, British Monthly, January, 1902


But in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
–Romans 8:37

We may speak of “more than conquest” in view of some of the outward terrors and fears of the Christian in a time of persecution…

…but we may quote his words of Paul as being equally applicable to our immediate subject, the temptations of the more ordinary path of the believer. For the whole deep secret of victory, for all Christians always, lies where St. Paul says it lies for the persecuted saints. It comes “through Him that loved us.” And He can give “more than conquest,” where He gives conquest at all.

But what does it mean to be “more than conqueror”?

It means to reap positive benefit from the battle. A fight may be fought, and in a sense may be won, yet so as to bring no positive result, or little. The victor may just “retain the field,” but no more; he may find the enemy even more daring on the morrow. But a fight may be fought, and much more than the fight be won. A kingdom may be laid at the conqueror’s feet. And more; in the fight, as it is reviewed, the secrets of future and fuller victories may lie disclosed,
ready for use.

How may victory in temptation prove more than victory? How may we come out “more than conquerors”?

By our going on from that particular victory more conscious of the certainty of our failure apart from Christ. By our looking back and seeing how, the next time, the release and deliverance may be made yet more complete, by our summoning in the Lord more instantly and more simply. By a deeper insight into that far-reaching word, ”The trial of your faith is precious” –1 Peter 1:7, not only the faith, but the trial of the faith. Let us ponder that fact, and then the next trial, perhaps some mortification to our self-esteem, or self-importance, will find us more truly “hidden, in Him,” from the old “occasion of falling.” We shall be “more than conquerors” if we come out and go on more conscious of the preciousness of the Word of God, and of the blessedness of Prayer; if we have learned, at the feet of our Liberator, more hatred of what He hates, more longing to be conformed to His fair, blessed Likeness.

Above all, we shall be “more than conquerors” if we have so truly overcome by Him, and Him alone, that He, more than ever, shall be to us “a stone most precious.” He has proved Himself our Victory. And so we look in His face again, conscious afresh of His unspeakable reality. And behold, it is “the King,” not only in His strength but “in His beauty”; “all our salvation, and all our desire”: “the Beloved”; “Christ which is our Life.”

And they who meet temptation, be what it may, so seeing Christ, shall indeed put their feet upon the neck of the enemy.

“Will you tell me your secret?” said an honored friend of mine, as he left a house where the loving host had shone with a singular “beauty of holiness” in his eyes. ”Will you tell me your secret of peace and victory, which seems never to fail?” “There is no mystery in my case,” said the other.” If God enables me at all to glorify Him, it is through the simple means of keeping close to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

And to bring us, and to keep us, close to Him, is the work of that ever-blessed Spirit, “which they that believe on Him receive.”