God’s Priceless Treasure

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“I find joy in your promise like someone who finds a priceless treasure.”
–Psalm 119:162

There is an old, old story, about a certain handsome prince…

…who became engaged to a beautiful princess to whom he sent a very magnificent gift. He sent this gift not just as a token of his affection, but to really let her how much she really meant to him.

A messenger was sent to the princess bearing the prince’s present, –which proved to be an iron egg. Whereupon the princess became very angry, and she sought to cast it upon the floor. But upon a second thought she began to examine it more closely. As she was looking at it, wondering what her fiance was thinking, she, by accident, touched a spring which caused the outer casing of this iron egg to part, –and reveal inside an egg of brass.

She quickly touched the spring to this, and the brass egg fell to the floor, leaving in her hand an egg of silver. And when she touched the lock again, the egg of silver opened, and disclosed a beautiful egg of gold. This egg too swung open, and a magnificent diamond of rare beauty fell in her lap.

Each time she looked at it, pleasant memories of the fiancee came to her, and also how each time she examined the gift, she had found within, a rarer gem. And so it is with the word of God, the world picks it up, and glances at it with the natural eye, and again casts it aside as dry and uninteresting. But when the Holy Spirit touches the heart, the outer casing falls away, and the convicted soul finds his own life pictured in a manner too unmistakably plain to doubt, and when the scenes drive the soul to Christ, the great Fount for cleansing sin, then the silvery lining appears. And when Christ lifts the great load from the heart then, the golden jewels sparkle on every page until earthly scenes are no more, and the rare pearls of the precious promises bear on wings of triumph the trusting spirit to the presence of Him who is the Father of all spirits. Therefore, “I find joy in your promise like someone who finds a priceless treasure.”