Refuse to restore him? –NOT my child!


I am reminded of a story… 

…of when the son of a Christian man was guilty of an act of disobedience in the home. Hearing of it, the father quietly but firmly said, “Son, I am pained beyond measure at your conduct.”

“How well,” said that father, “I remember his return from school that day, his quiet knock at the study-door, his clear tremulous utterance, ‘Father, I am so ashamed of myself by reason of my conduct this morning.’

“Refuse to restore him?” said that father. “Unhesitatingly I confess that I never loved my boy more than at that moment, nor did I ever more readily implant the kiss of forgiveness than at that instant.”

“Refuse to restore him?

Disown him?

Have him leave the house, and take another name?

Say that he had no place in the family?

–NOT my child!”

What blasphemy against God is this! Shall we dare to attribute such conduct to our Holy Father in heaven, “who spared not His own Son, but freely delivered Him up for us all”?

–Henry Varley.