In a Wretched Neighborhood… Evidences of a Godly Life.


A weary day had been passed in a wretched neighborhood…

It’s scenes were sad, sickening, repulsive. Famine, fever, want, squalid nakedness, moral and physical impurities, drunkenness, death, and the devil were all reigning there.

Only those who have known the sinking of heart which the miseries of such scenes produce, especially when it is aggravated by a close and tainted atmosphere.

You can imagine the grateful surprise when, on opening the door, we stepped into a comfortable apartment. Its whitewashed walls were hung round with prints, the household furniture shone like a looking-glass, and a bright fire was dancing merrily over a clean hearth-stone. It was an oasis in the desert. And we well remember, ere question was asked or answered, of saying to ourselves, “Surely the fear of God is in this place; this must be the house of a church-going family.”

It proved to be so. Yet it was a home where abject poverty might have been expected and excused. For the man who dwelt there was blind.

–Thomas Guthrie.