Having Confidence in the Power of Our God


The great Scottish pastor and theologian, William Arnot, reminds us that by the end of the 1800’s a British subject might be considered safe even though surrounded by enemies in a distant land…

…not that he had strength to contend alone against the armed thousands, but because he is a subject of the Queen of England.

The despot on his throne, or the horde of savages in their desert, all permitted the helpless, English, traveler to pass unharmed, like a lamb among lions –although like lions looking at a lamb, they thirsted for his blood, but they left him alone because they knew of his queen’s watchfulness, and feared her sovereign power. The feeble stranger led a charmed life in the midst of his enemies, –all because the royal arm, even though unseen, encompasses him as like a shield. The power thus wielded by an earthly throne may suggest and symbolize the perfect protection of Omnipotence. Thus, those British subject’s confidence in the power of his queen, may well rebuke the feeble faith of a Christian. “O thou of little faith, wherefore did you doubt?”

Though there be fears within and fightings without, this same Jesus who bought his people with his own blood cannot lose his inheritance, and he will not permit any enemy to wrest from his hand, those children who are the satisfaction of his soul.

The man with a deceitful and fainting heart, a darkened mind, a feeble frame, a slippery way, and a daring foe –that man will stumble and fall: but the member of Christ’s body cannot drop off; those children, who are the portion of the Redeemer cannot be wrenched from his grasp.

” Ye are his” in Christ, and Christ alone, for he alone is the safety of a Christian.”