Got Pardon?


D.L. Moody once told a story of a man being tried for a crime, the punishment of which was death. 

The witnesses came in one by one, and testified to his guilt; but there he stood, quite calm and unmoved. The judge and the jury were quite surprised at his indifference; they could not understand how he could take such a serious matter so calmly. When the jury retired, it did not take them many minutes to decide on the verdict “Guilty;” and when the judge was passing the sentence of death upon the criminal he told him how surprised he was that he could be so unmoved in the prospect of death.

When the judge had finished the man put his hand in his bosom, pulled out a document, and walked out of the dock a free man. Ah, that was how he could be so calm; it was a free pardon from his king, which he had in his pocket all the time. The king had instructed him to allow the trial to proceed, and to produce the pardon only when he was condemned.

Now, that is just what will make us joyful both now and in the great day of judgment; we have got a pardon from the Great King, and it is sealed with the blood of His Son.

My friend, you see, you and I stand condemned to death. There can be no prison sentence, only death. There is no amount of work, or remorse, or atonement on our part that could ever purchase our freedom. Only by accepting the pardon of the great king, sealed by the finished work of Jesus on the cross, will we be set free. There is no other way to God. There is no other hope. All other ways, methods, or doctrines, lead to death. Will you not accept the complete, all-sufficient work of Christ for your freedom, for your pardon, for your life?

I pray that you will do so today.