“And if Satan takes you by the throat…” Thoughts on Christ the Bridegroom

Taken and adapted from, “The Marrow of Modern Divinity,” Part I
Written by, by Edward Fisher: Published Scotland, 1790; pages 109-110.

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If sin offer to take hold of you, as David said his did on him (Psalm 11 and 12)…

…then say you unto it, thy strength, O sin, is the law, (1 Corinthians 15:56) and the law is dead to me.  So that, O sin, thy strength is gone; and therefore, be sure thou shalt never be able to prevail against me, nor do me any hurt at all.

And if Satan takes you by the throat, and by violence draw you before God’s judgment-seat; then call to your husband Christ, and say, Lord I suffer violence, make answer for me, and help me.  And by his help you shall be able to plead for yourself after this manner: O God the Father, I am thy Son Christ’s, thou gavest me unto him, and thou hast given unto him all power both in heaven and in earth, and hast committed all judgment to him.  Therefore, I will stand to his judgment, who saith, He came not to judge the world, but to save it; and therefore he will save me, according to his office.  And if the jury  should bring in their verdict, that they have found you guilty: then speak to the Judge, and say, in case any must be condemned for my transgressions, it must needs be Christ, and not I; for albeit I have committed them, yet he hath undertaken and bound himself to answer for them, and that by the consent and good-will of God his Father: and indeed he hath fully satisfied for them.  And if all this will not serve the turn, to acquit you; then add moreover, and say, as a woman, that is conceived with child, must not suffer death, because of the child, that is within her: no more must I, because I have conceived Christ in my heart though I have committed all the sins in the world.

And if death creep upon you, and attempt to devour you: then say, thy sting, O death, is sin; and Christ my husband hath fully vanquished sin, and so deprived thee of thy sting: and therefore do I not fear any hurt, that thou, O death, canst do unto me. And thus you may triumph with the apostle, saying, “Thanks be unto God, who hath given victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ,” 1 Corinthians 15:56, 57.  And thus have I also declared unto you, how Christ, in the fulness of time, performed that which God before all time purposed, and in time promised, touching the helping and delivering of fallen mankind.


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