You will hear his voice, and you will know it when you hear it…

Excerpts taken and adapted from C. H. Spurgeon’s 2,900th Sermon,
“How God comes to Man.”


He will come in the evening, brother and sister, when the day’s work is done…

…so do not fret about the burden and heat of the day. The longest and hottest day will come to an end; you will not live here for ever. You will not always have to wear your fingers to the bone in trying to earn a scanty livelihood.

You will not always have to look round upon your children, and wonder where the bread will be found with which to feed them. No; the days on earth cannot last for ever; and, with many of you, the sun has already climbed the hill, and begun to go down the other side, and “the cool of the day” will soon come. I can look upon a good many of you who have already reached that period. You have retired from active service, you have shaken off a good deal of business care, and now you are waiting for your Master to come to you. Rest assured that He will not forget you, for He has promised to come to you. You will hear His voice,before long, telling you that He is walking in the garden, and coming to you. Good old Rowland Hill, when he found himself getting very feeble, said, “I hope they have not forgotten poor old Rowley up there.” But he knew that he was not forgotten,nor will you be, beloved.

You will hear your Lord’s voice ere long; and the mercy is, that you will know it when you do hear it. Have you not often heard it before now? Many a time, in this house, you have heard His voice, and you have been glad. In the cool of many an evening, you have sat still, and communed with God. I like to see an old Christian woman, with her big Bible open, sitting by the hour together, and tracing with her finger the precious words of the Lord; eating them, digesting them, living on them, and finding them sweeter to her soul than honey or the droppings of the honeycomb to her taste.

Well, then, as you have heard your Lord’s voice, and know its tones so well, as you have been so long accustomed to hear it, you will not be astonished when you hear it in those last moments of your life’s day. You will not run to hide yourself,as Adam and Eve did. You are covered with the robe of Christ’s righteousness, so you have no nakedness to fear ; and you may respond,” Didst Thou ask, my Lord, ‘Where art thou?’ I answer, ‘Here am I, for Thou didst call me.’ Didst Thou ask where I am? I am hidden in Thy Son; I am ‘accepted in the Beloved.” Didst Thou say, ‘Where art thou?’ Here I stand, ready and waiting to be taken up by Him, according to His promise that, where He is, there I shall be also, that I may behold His glory.”

Why surely beloved, as this is the case, you may even long for the evening to come when you shall hear His voice, and shall be up and away from this land of shadows and chilly night dews, into that blessed place where His glory burns on for ever and ever, and the Lamb is the light thereof, and the days of your mourning shall be ended forever.