Outside of Jesus, there are no happy endings!

frozen anna kristen bell disney


The other day, I was riding in the car…

…and one of my family was endeavoring to explain to me the song of the current Disney favorite, you know the one staring Anna and Elsa. And please understand, I am ignorant about such things, I don’t know the names or the shows. I happily confess that I haven’t watched TV or movies for years. But as I am listening to the words I was struck with the fact that apart from the movie context, these were the words of a young victim, they were the words and thoughts you would expect to hear from the victim of a sexual predator, and from someone who has practically lost all hope. So I asked, is this the song my granddaughter is singing? There was silence, a sniff, and finally, “well it has a happy ending.” I turned to her and said, “outside of Jesus, there are no happy endings.”

But it got me to thinking. Isn’t that what Satan wants us to think? That this world is a place, where if you are lucky, fairy tales do come true? You really don’t need Christ? Is this not what is portrayed on TV; from the news to sitcoms, to the shows, beauty pageants, Idol factories, science programs, etc., all telling us to “stay tuned” you don’t need Christ here to have fun, be excited, to really live life and have a happy ending?

Is this not also the deep-rooted problem of much of the Christian church today, that we are torn between believing that we need Christ, and part of us wants to think that we can live apart from him, that we can live…and have a “good ending,” and do so on our own terms?

Oh yes, it is true, we realize that we do need those moral principles as put forth by God, and espoused by our Judeo-Christian heritage… Our heroes have that down, or are at least they have converted to those principles at some point during the story. And I am not really writing to those people who question that aspect. Most of us here I think understand that we need those principles to live by. But do we understand that we really need Christ for a happy ending?

Can a theology or a church who uplifts the law as its central theme, and who espouses a doctrine of keeping of the law to come to, find, and maintain our acceptance in Christ, ever really understand that Christ is their all-in-all? No! No-way!

The other day, one of the posters I saw on Facebook wrote that, “if you can keep from sinning for one second, you have just proved that you can live sinlessly perfect.” That is like saying that a ship can make it through the storm by sailing perfectly in between the waves… what poppycock!

But do you understand, that this logic is the same as a pagans? I can do it myself with just a little help? …and possibly, I might even have a happy ending… in Christ? But I will tell you that not all the trying in a million years will help you to accomplish this. It is like the story of the convicted, aging bank robber, who when sentenced to a hundred years in prison for his crimes, asks the judge for mercy, explaining that he won’t live another hundred years… But the judge leans over and laughs, “just do the best you can.”

No, we need Jesus first to last, or there are NO happy endings. And if you don’t want to believe that, well then my best advice to you is this, “just do the best you can.”