One Sabbath morning, during the “Killing Times”…


…which was during the reign of James II of England, there is a short story from Whitecross and others, about how Claverhouse with a company of dragoons went out to hunt down the “Covenanters”, as they were then termed.

There in the glen the soldiers met a young woman, a servant-maid, running along the road very early in the morning, without either shoes or stockings. The captain of the band asked her where she was going so early in the morning, and what was the urgency of the business that made her run so fast.

She told him that she had learned that her elder brother was dead, and she was going to receive her share of the riches he had bequeathed to her, as well as to her other brothers and sisters; and she was afraid she should be too late.

The commander was so well pleased with her answer that he gave her half a crown to buy a pair of shoes, and also wished her success; but if he had known the real business she was going on, which was to a church service, or a conventicle as they are called, he would most certainly have prevented her from going that day to the place where she hoped to receive the “durable riches,” which shall never perish.

You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble.
Psalm 32:7