Sufficient is Our Present Refuge, to the Evil Thereof…

Kittiwake_colonyTaken from, The Sure Refuge.
Written by  Joseph Hall.
Adapted from The Protestant Pulpit
Published by Timothy Williams


 But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God. –1 Sam. 30: 6


Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof…

..says our Saviour. Every day has its evil, and that evil is load enough for the present, without the further charge of anticipated cares. The life of man is beset with such a world of crosses succeeding each other, that if he have not a sure refuge to flee to, he must be quite overwhelmed with miseries. One while his estate suffers, either through casualty or oppression; another while his children become a source of uneasiness, by sickness or death, or some disorder. One while his good name is impeached; another while his body languishes. Now his mind is perplexed with anxious cares, and then he is wounded with the sting of some secret sin. At one time he is fretted with domestic discords; at another disturbed with public broils. One while the sense of evil torments him; another while the expectation and the dread of it.

Miserable is the case of that man, who when pursued with whole troops of mischiefs has not a fort wherein to find succour; and safe and happy is he that has a sure and impregnable hold to which he may resort. How noble was the example of David. Never man could be more perplexed than he was at Ziklag ; his city burnt, his whole stock plundered, his wives carried away, his people cursing, his soldiers in a state of mutiny, pursued by Saul, cast off by the Philistines ; helpless, hopeless, and forlorn. Yet David fortified himself in the Lord his God. 


Joseph Hall (1574 – 1656) was an English bishop, satirist and moralist. His contemporaries knew him as a devotional writer, and a high-profile controversialist of the early 1640s. In church politics, he tended in fact to a middle way. Thomas Fuller wrote: “He was commonly called our English Seneca, for the purenesse, plainnesse, and fulnesse of his style. Not unhappy at Controversies, more happy at Comments, very good in his Characters, better in his Sermons, best of all in his Meditations.”