‘Counterfeit Holy’ from Alexander Whyte’s Bunyan’s Characters

There are times when I read a thought, or book, or a post and think to myself that I have just been fed with the “drippins’ off the altar.” Just so here. For those whose backgrounds have been tainted by Arminianism, or some other form of conditional love, the following post may well speak to your soul. Here, we are looking at Bunyan thinking he is wrestling with the tempter, but what we are actually looking at is Bunyan wrestling with his own doubts and asking how much … is enough? How much, what? …you correctly ask. But the answer varies to the person. That is, how much piety, how much remorse or penitence, how much performance of duties, etc. Perhaps what is really being asked is, how much holiness is necessary.

While this post may not go into all the details, it does begin by introducing us to Bunyan sweeping it all aside to get down to where this Gordian knot seems to start for him, “what is counterfeit holiness”? From there, he begins the foundation of his thought and life. Do not expect, to find conclusitory answers here, but a door way to some very verdant pastures of thought.