She was determined to find Gilbert Beckett. Are you as determined to find Christ?

maidenThere is a story concerning Thomas A. Beckett…

…a story connected with his parentage. His father was a Saxon gentleman, who went into the Crusades and was taken prisoner by the Saracens. While a prisoner among the Saracens, a Turkish maiden fell in love with him, and when he was set free and returned to England, she took an opportunity of escaping from her father’s house –took ship and came to England.

But she knew not where to find him who she loved.

And all that she knew about him was that his name was Gilbert. She determined to go through all the streets of England, crying out the name of Gilbert till she had found him. She came to London first, and passing every street people were surprised to see an Eastern maiden, attired in an Eastern costume, crying… “Gilbert!    Gilbert!   Gilbert!”

And so she passed from town to town, till one day as she pronounced the name and the ear for which it was intended caught the sound, and they became happy and blessed.

And so, sinner, today you know only a little perhaps of religion, but do you know the name of Jesus?

Take up the cry, and today, as you go along the streets, say in your heart, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” and when you are praying in your bedroom, say it still, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” Continue the cry, and it shall reach the ear for whom it is meant.”

–C. H. Spurgeon.