When the Ravens Steal the Seed: A False Theology about God.

Written by Arthur W. Pink,
Taken from, “The Foreknowledge of God “

Common Raven in flightFalse theology makes God’s foreknowledge of our believing the cause of His election to salvation; whereas, God’s election is the cause, and our believing in Christ is the effect.


“When the solemn and blessed subject of divine foreordination is expounded, when God’s eternal choice of certain ones to be conformed to the image of His Son is set forth, the enemy sends along some man to argue that election is based upon the foreknowledge of God, and this ‘foreknowledge’ is interpreted to mean that God foresaw certain ones would be more pliable than others, that they would respond more readily to the strivings of the Spirit, and that because God knew they would believe, He accordingly, predestinated them unto salvation.

But such a statement is radically wrong.

It repudiates the truth of total depravity, for it argues that there is something good in some men. It takes away the independency of God, for it makes His decrees rest upon what He discovers in the creature. It completely turns things upside down, for in saying God foresaw certain sinners would believe in Christ, and that because of this, He predestinated them unto salvation, is the very reverse of the truth. Scripture affirms that God, in His high sovereignty, singled out certain ones to be recipients of His distinguishing favours (Acts 13:48), and therefore He determined to bestow upon them the gift of faith. False theology makes God’s foreknowledge of our believing the cause of His election to salvation; whereas, God’s election is the cause, and our believing in Christ is the effect. There are those today who are misusing this very truth in order to discredit and deny the absolute sovereignty of God in the salvation of sinners, just as higher critics are repudiating the divine inspiration of the Scriptures; evolutionists, the work of God in creation; so some pseudo Bible teachers are perverting His foreknowledge in order to set aside His unconditional election unto eternal life.

2 thoughts on “When the Ravens Steal the Seed: A False Theology about God.

  1. Perhaps I like Greg Koukl’s articulations on this a lot, but often feel, I’m missing a whole lot on this topic. Well, yes, for us now, even perhaps for eternity, it will remain unknowable. But he argues,

    “Yeah, the future is set, but what sets it?” You set it. Your decisions determine what the future will be to a great degree. What that means is that your individual choices, by and large, make the difference in the future. I am speaking in general terms here about God’s knowing the future as a function of His omniscience. However, knowing the future does not remove the possibility of your freedom in some measure in the future, because what He knows in the future are your free choices. This is a very important point.” ….

    “I am simply making the point that because God knows the future entirely that isn’t the factor that sets the future and therefore robs you of any semblance of personal freedom. No, your freedom is what sets the future to a great degree; therefore, your free will actions are meaningful and your willful interaction with God in relationship is meaningful as well. In the broadest sense, God controls the future and nothing happens that He doesn’t see, doesn’t allow, and doesn’t somehow work in with His larger plan. This is why we can fall back on the significant promise in the book of Romans that God will “cause all things to work together for good for those who love him and for those who are called according to his purpose.” God can use everything, even man’s free choices”. [from: What Determines the Future?]

    See what I mean? But listen, what do YOU think?

    • My dear, dear friend, thank you for your thoughts!
      According to how I read and understand scripture, Greg Koukl has really missed the boat! Just look at the problems you face with that theology. Consider it from only a tiny standpoint today. Look at it from today’s post alone, it is impossible to apprehend the total depravity of man, if you believe that there is something good in him to want to make him choose God. IF Greg Koukl is truly saying what you mentioned, it also mean that the Bible is wrong when it says that “You were dead in your sins.” Why? Because how does a dead man decide that he is going to live? Where, Horst, in scripture does it ever say that God has given man that ability. Further, you would have to erase an enormous amount of the Pauline Epistles that deal with the fact that it is “God who wills” and that it is “God who calls you according to his purpose.” Man, simply does not call himself from the grave. Blessings brother!

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