The Leap of Faith

A boy at sea…

sailing-ships-17…who was very fond of climbing to the mast-head, one day climbed to the top lookout, and could not get down. The sea was very rough, and it was seen that in a little while the boy would fall on the deck, and be dashed to pieces. His father saw but one way of saving his life. Seizing a speaking trumpet, he cried out, “Boy, the next time the ship lurches, you fall into the sea.” The next time the ship lurched the boy looked down, and, not much liking the idea of throwing himself into the sea, still held to the mast.

The father, who saw that the boy’s strength would soon fail him, took a gun in his hand, and cried out, “Boy, if you do not drop into the sea the next time the ship lurches, I’ll shoot you!” The boy knew his father meant it, and the next time the ship lurched he leaped into the sea.

It seemed like certain destruction, but out went a dozen brawny arms, and he was saved.

The sinner, in the midst of the storm, thinks he must cling to the mast of his good works, and so be saved.

Says the gospel,” Let go your good works, and drop into the ocean of God’s love.” “No,” says the sinner, “it is a long way between me and God’s love; I must perish if I trust to that; I must have some other reliance.”

“If you have any other reliance than that, you are lost.”

Then comes the thundering law, and declares to the sinner, that unless he gives up every dependence, he will be lost.

And then comes the happy moment, when the sinner says, “Dear Lord, I give up all my dependence, and cast myself on thee; I take thee, Jesus, to be my one object in life, my only trust, the refuge, the only refuge I have, for my soul.”

“The Leap of Faith”  Written by C. H. Spurgeon.