Divine Impassibility Under Attack: Does God have Passions? (Part 1)

Reformed Baptist Fellowship


The doctrine of God’s impassibility has seized the attention of many in the Reformed Baptist world. This is partly due to the recent reappearance of Dr. Robert Gonzales’ lengthy reframing of the doctrine on his blog, It Is Written. It would appear that he has gained a few sympathizers along the way, but the hope is that such sympathy is the consequence of misunderstanding rather than actual misgivings about the confessional and classical understanding of impassibility. What follows is an attempt to give a relatively brief and accessible critique of Gonzales’ position. He has put before us a view of impassibility that undermines the perfections, absoluteness, aseity, and immutability of God, and treats the eternity and transcendence of God as though they were a problem that He must overcome.

What is meant by Impassibility?

The word impassibility has reference to the London Baptist Confession’s statement that God is “without…

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