A Christmas Poem

by Laura Kneiss

You can’t take Christ out of Christmas 
It’s the day Jesus was born. 
God sent Him to Earth for a purpose 
By Him the curtain of the temple was torn

We can now enter the Most Holy Place 
Because we are saved by His grace. 
He is our Redeemer to save us from our sin 
There is no other perfect Lamb but Him!

Don’t be fooled by what the world portrays 
Replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays.” 
There is a way that may seem right to man 
But God had a better plan!

There is so much more to Christmas 
But the world does not see 
That the baby boy born on that day 
Was born for you and me!

Read the Word of God this Christmas 
It our spiritual sword 
Proclaiming to all 
That is Jesus is Lord!

Look to Jesus on Christmas 
He is the reason we sing 
Worship and adore Christ 
Because He is King!

Let’s celebrate the birth of Jesus 
And thank Him for all He has done 
Because it is through Him 
Our victory is won!

Praise God for His precious gift to us 
On this Christmas Day 
The little baby born for us 
Is the Life, the Truth, and the Way!